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1. Freight prices.

Sweden and Finland: Freight per order 50 DKK
Norway: Freight per order 70 DKK
All countries (EU) Europe: Freight per order 70 DKK
All countries outside (EU) Europe: Freight per order 350 DKK
Japan: Freight per order 450 DKK

USA: Freight per order 400 DKK.

Russia: Freight per order 400 DKK.

If your country isn't shown here, please contact in order to get a freight quote.

2. Right of cancellation.

All goods purchased at can be returned within 30 days if the following conditions are respected:

    • The goods must be unused and in the original packing.
    • When returning shoes; the shoe box must be intact, i.e. no freight labels or tape on the box.
    • When returning caps; these must be sent in a hard box to avoid the caps from bending.
    • Goods must be sent back 30 after receipt.

When returning goods; please send a mail to

stating your order no, and a mail will be sent with the return address. If abovementioned conditions are not respected, reserves the right to reject returned goods.

3. Defective goods.

All goods purchased at have a complaint period of two years. That is complaints regarding errata and omissions, not wear-related issues, e.g. one is to expect shoes bought for skating will wear out considerably faster than when just wearing the shoe. When skating with a shoe it suffers a heavy wear, due to the grip tape, and it?s not unusual the stitching and the materials on the upper part of the shoe are torn. Such wear related issues will not be approved as complaints regardless the age of the shoe. The same goes for the skateboards (deck) which is included in the right to seek redress for defective production, but this does not apply for wear, incorrect or/and powerful use of the deck, such as landings not placed directly on top of the bolts, skating on bigger obstacles and ?bad landings? on curbs, handrails etc, which causes the board to break. In general there has to be an error in the bonding of deck before production error is claimable. A production error is typically a delamination; that is the layers on the side of the deck are going apart, or there is a fault in the gluing. If none of these two cases applies there is very little chance of getting a complaint approved regardless the age of the deck.

4. Terms of delivery. will seek to ship goods within 3 days. In other cases where the time of delivery will be more than a week, will make contact through mail or telephone. We are not responsible for misprints and sold out goods. In case of the same customer placing more than one order in the same day but at different times, cannot guarantee these orders being picked up and shipped in one shipment.

5. Payment.

You have the possibility to pay with the following credit cards: Dankort, VISA, Mastercard, VISA elektron, Maestro.